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End of Pathway Assessments

April 22 - 26

Blood Drive

April 25


April 27

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School Events
•  EOPA Assessments
•  Blood Drive
•  Prom
•  Math Inventory

Organizations Events
•  Blood Drive  (Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA))
Time: 9:00 AM

Student Spotlight: Cailaari Williams
Meet Cailaari Williams! Cailaari is a senior and was honored for ranking in the Top 10 of the Class of...

   Meet Mr. Tremayne Hall! Mr.Hall is in first year as Assistant Principal at Wilkinson County High School, following...

Students learn more when they teach. Students created videos teaching others how to solve quadratics by completing the square....

Last Friday, Ms. Clark’s Analytic Geometry class needed a day of fun. An Escape Room was the answer! Students divided up...

Today Mrs. Parr's 3rd block US History in Film class completed a Women's History escape room hosted by the Media Center in honor...